venerdì 2 luglio 2010

altri giardini

giardini di mirò.
altri giardini (2010).

death in plains : the soft touch of berlin guitarfalling
iori's eyes : given ground
albanopower : the swimming season
arbdesastr : embers
gazebo penguins : dividing opinions
københavn store : when you were a postcard
wolther goes stranger : a new start (for dandies shoes)
stefano pilia : la favilla
banjo or freakout : broken by
his clancyness : cold perfection
musicadacucina (feat. comaneci + bob corn) : pet life saver
iròi : swimming season
denise : pet life saver
japanese gum + blown paper bags : dividing opinions
sorry for being late : embers
schonwald : clairvoyance
quiet in the cave : pet life saver

<a href="">The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling by Giardini di Mirò</a>

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