lunedì 18 febbraio 2008

cable dazed

invisible conga people : cable dazed (italians do it better, 2008).

domenica 17 febbraio 2008

your. noise. (38)

olivier alary.

: françois bayle : solitioude
françois bayle was born in 1932. he is self-taught, but with long experience in experimental
music; he is less devoted to the evolution of pure musical aesthetics than to the discovery
of new musical methods engendered by contemporary techniques.
his career as a composer is therefore closely linked to the fundamental and applied researches
of the GRM, in which he has been the animator since 1966.
his works include compositions for magnetic tape and film-music.
"solitioude" (1969) has been commented on thus by the composer: "irreverent movement
in spite of a series of light genuflexions (to duke ellington, boris vian, the soft machine...).
david allen (of soft machine, js) provided me with fine guitar sounds.
the tape-recorders contributed some incidents. but the events of may 68 were most
generous offering me an abundance of teeming life, the charm-shock of their sirens.
the splashes of the crowd, the applause of the sea this pop-nature in auditory hallucination
forms one of the episodes of an 'aventure du cri' in which i am engaged at the moment".

: alireza mashayeki : shur
alireza mashayeki was born in tehran in 1940. after studying music in his own country
and in vietnam he went on to study electronic music in cologne and then at the utrecht studio,
where he composed, among other works, "autonom III" (1967).
"shur" (1968) combines electronic sounds with motives from persion folk-music played
on the cello. in their relationship to these motives, the various electronic sounds act sometimes
as a contrasting element, sometimes as an estension, on the one hand short impulses constrast
with the continuous nature of persian music; on the other, the melodic oscillations
which characterise the music are underlined and prolonged by a kind of electronic aureole.

: the conet project : the swedish rhapsody
the conet project is an encyclopedic document of the anomalous and uncanny broadcasts
from numbers stations. a number station anonymously transmits synthesized voices reading
sets of phonetic letters and/or numbers. while there is no organization that has yet
claimed responsibility for these transmissions, it is assumed that the CIA, MI6
(british secret intelligence service), mossad (israeli intelligence service), and the renamed KGB
are among those who operate the numbers stations.
it is also assumed that these transmissions are encoded with a "one time pad" cryptosystem
which uses a string of random numbers for both encryption and decryption.

: leif inge : 9 beet stretch
9 beet stretch is ludwig van beethoven's 9th symphony stretched to 24 hours,
with no pitch distortions. executed in various versions with either the SND
or the common lisp music software, both made by bill schottstaedt. made at notam, oslo.

: william burroughs : when did i stop wanting to be president?
recorded at st. marks church, NYC. oct. 29, 1975.

sabato 2 febbraio 2008

venerdì 1 febbraio 2008

fuck it tapes

cryptograms mixtape - mixed by atlas sound (2008).

side A
side B