sabato 31 maggio 2008

venerdì 30 maggio 2008

alexander tucker

alexander tucker : veins to the sky (ATP/R, 2008)

"Veins to the Sky is one of my favorites from the new album 'Portal'. It's an attempt at writing a more linear song whilst still using some psych electronics. On the new material I use an electric mandolin to create bowed symphonic layers which gives the music a more classical edge."

venerdì 23 maggio 2008

john. twells

xela : heirs of the fire - brooklyn version (live at WFMU)

xela/WFMU live. "John stopped by the WFMU studios a few weeks ago while on break from his tour with Zelienople and Helios to record a brief set that saw him shun the laptop based set-up often employed by similar artists in favor of a micro-cassette player, tons of pedals, trinkets purchased from hippies in the midwest and an unexpected foray into Brian Wilson vocal territory. You'll need to turn the volume up on this one as its rather quiet for awhile."

hauntology. now

the focus group : the new activity (ghost box)

the focus group : salty sun tales (ghost box)

hauntology now. "I don't think it's a genre as such," Reynolds says of hauntology, "more like a convergence of interests both cultural and sonic. Analog synths, a certain canon of maverick electronic pioneers, echoes of early '90s rave/techno/IDM, a certain approach to sampladelia that is oriented towards the quirky."

martedì 20 maggio 2008

lunedì 19 maggio 2008

mercoledì 14 maggio 2008

lunedì 12 maggio 2008

domenica 11 maggio 2008

no longer

atlas sound.
things i'll miss EP (2008).

my car
my room
my bed
recording acoustic drums

atlas sound.
two songs for my dad EP (2008).

i'm so lonesome (i could cry)
blue moon

atlas sound.
virtual 7" no.3 (2008).

bored dub
no longer

venerdì 9 maggio 2008

martedì 6 maggio 2008

lunedì 5 maggio 2008

summer turns to hurt

the declining winter : summer turns to hurt (rusted rail, 2008).