sabato 29 aprile 2006

first thing first

venerdì 28 aprile 2006

goodbye to the trees

squares on both sides - goodbye to the trees (hausmusik, 2004)

mercoledì 26 aprile 2006

e poterti aspettare

thom yorke - true love waits (bridge school benefit, 2002).

martedì 25 aprile 2006

lunedì 24 aprile 2006

we shall say only the leaves

we shall say only the leaves (+).
exploding whales (test tube '|, 2006).

tight circumference
cheese slices
pomme de terre

artwork: cover (pdf - zip).

venerdì 21 aprile 2006

we're no here (2)

le bataclan (paris, 2006. flac).

auto rock
yes! i am a long way from home
travel is dangerous
stanley kubrick
acid food
i know you are but what am i?
folk death 95
ithica 27/9
hunted by a freak
ratts of the capital
glasgow mega-snake
friend of a night
helicon 1
we're no here

giovedì 20 aprile 2006

twelve rooms

palaxy tracks (+) - grey snake (peek-a-boo, 2005).

mercoledì 19 aprile 2006


mfr 2nd birthday mix (2006).

unsound - devote yourself to a lost cause
bell X1 - flame (chicken lips mix)
plant life - last song (chicken lips dub)
lindstrom - i feel space
goldfrapp - ride a white horse (FK disco whores dub)
hot chip - over and over (solid groove remix)
trentemøller - minimal fox
whomadewho - out the door (superdiscount remix)
dj t - rave d'amour
tiga - good as gold
chelonis r. jones - le bateau ivre (the fairy dub mix)
spankrock - sweet talk (kalabata remix)
daft punk - technologic (digitalism rmx)
tiefschwarz - the fly
revl9n - walking machine (SMD efficiency rmx)
cut copy - going nowhere (sebastian remix)
tahiti 80 - big day

su music (for robots).

(domani torniamo su altre cose).

martedì 18 aprile 2006

paris trance

justice feat. mustapha 3000
a la boule noire/radio campus (paris, 2006).

su batteria ricaricabile.

giovedì 13 aprile 2006

fuck all, let's dance

benjamin theves - texas (sebastiAn remix) (kitsuné, 2005).
su motel de moka.

martedì 11 aprile 2006

un giorno che non

e che (forse) non è ancora finito. (streaming, asx). (streaming, ram).

lunedì 10 aprile 2006

è domani (?) (streaming, asx).

domenica 9 aprile 2006


venerdì 7 aprile 2006

not a fake

nathan fake.
live at full spektrum - ekko (utrecht, 2006).

mercoledì 5 aprile 2006


lupatarkastaja mixtape: post-rock, part 2 (2005).

side A (august monstrosity):
wow and flutter - bluer than
seidenmatt - luc(as)
september malevolence - on our own
as the poets affirm - a voice recited the news on the radio
mr. 1986 - new 2
brothers and sisters - we were young (demo)
torchous - straight story
all combinations - stained glass & fallen rocks

side B (last hour of summer):
the evpatoria report - prognoz
ellis the vacuumchild - murdermek
once we were - em
scraps of tape - fuckers come to collect
kalpana - we have illegal weapons
we vs. death - pictures from stellenbosch
clann zú - there will be no morning copy
jeniferever - for the world is hollow and...
audrey - box, and fights

(part 1).
lupatarkastaja-kokoelma: post-rock

martedì 4 aprile 2006


gregor samsa - young and old (the kora/own, 2006).

lunedì 3 aprile 2006


daturah - shoal (daturah/graveface records, 2005).