mercoledì 5 aprile 2006


lupatarkastaja mixtape: post-rock, part 2 (2005).

side A (august monstrosity):
wow and flutter - bluer than
seidenmatt - luc(as)
september malevolence - on our own
as the poets affirm - a voice recited the news on the radio
mr. 1986 - new 2
brothers and sisters - we were young (demo)
torchous - straight story
all combinations - stained glass & fallen rocks

side B (last hour of summer):
the evpatoria report - prognoz
ellis the vacuumchild - murdermek
once we were - em
scraps of tape - fuckers come to collect
kalpana - we have illegal weapons
we vs. death - pictures from stellenbosch
clann zú - there will be no morning copy
jeniferever - for the world is hollow and...
audrey - box, and fights

(part 1).
lupatarkastaja-kokoelma: post-rock

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